Take a Connected Drive with eTrans

Join us in Las Vegas at CES the week of January 7th as we showcase Connected Vehicle and V2X Solutions to support safety and mobility on and along the road.  We’ll have a booth in the Renesas tent in the Gold Lot, we’ll have a suite in the Golden Nugget and we’ll be running demos along the streets of Las Vegas.  The on-the-road demos and time in the suite are only Tuesday and Wednesday that week.

V2X Demos

Sign up for a demo ride along the streets of Las Vegas. In this demo, we will be highlighting advanced Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) safety and mobility applications including a V2V safety application which transmits live video between the vehicles.
We will be running demos on Tuesday, January 9th and Wednesday, January 10th. Hurry slots will fill up rather quickly.

Pedestrian Safety

Both in the suite at the Golden Nugget and at our booth in the Renesas tent, we will be demonstrating our eWalk pedestrian safety application. eWalk is a smartphone-based system that assists and improves safety for pedestrians, in particular visually impaired pedestrians, at signalized intersections using connected vehicle technology.