eTrans to Demo at ITS America

eTrans Systems, a leading developer of software solutions for connected and automated vehicles, is demonstrating a series of connected vehicle apps at the upcoming ITS America Show in San Jose later this month (June 12 – 15).  eTrans is working with both Renesas, a leading supplier of technology to the automotive industry and with the Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority (VTA).

For the demo with Renesas, eTrans will demonstrate a series of V2V (Vehicle-to-Vehicle) and V2I (Vehicle-to-Infrastructure) applications including:

  • V2V Collision Avoidance
  • V2I Traffic Light Interaction
  • V2V Automated Processing which uses a camera to detected vehicles and eTrans applications to generate Basic Safety Messages on their behalf.

With the VTA, eTrans will demonstrate the SmartStop application which allows passengers to request a bus and the bus driver to be notified about that passenger.  With this system, VTA expects to substantially improve service to their customers and eventually to reduce fuel consumption by eliminating unnecessary stops.

At the eTrans booth (#436), you can see a demonstration of

  •  Omnisight system viewer showcasing all the demos near the convention center
  • Insight, our application for monitoring individual DSRC systems
  • Our Pedestrian detection app which can detect pedestrians in a specified area, like near a crosswalk and can use this information to control a traffic light and to warn drivers by generating DSRC messages.

At the booth, you can also get into VSDP, eTrans revolutionary V2x Software Development Platform.  VSDP provides all the necessary tools for the rapid development, testing and maintenance of cutting-edge V2x and DSRC solutions. It features robust functionality for DSRC messaging, input data generation, simulation and resulting data analysis.

VSDP allows for applications to be coded once for a variety of hardware platforms including Renesas, Cohda and Arada/Lear.  Additionally, VSDP includes an integrated test environment that easily permits testing in the lab, over the air and on the road.  This allows for rapid turnaround of system changes.  A variety of display options means quick insight into what is happening within your application.

Robert Baily, the eTrans CTO, says “With VSDP, companies can cut down their development and test time by over 50% thus enjoying faster time to market and lower costs”.

About eTrans Systems:

Driverless cars, connected vehicles and other technologies are revolutionizing transportation. The driving factor making this happen is secure connected software. eTrans Systems specializes in the development of secure connected vehicle systems. The founders of eTrans each have over twenty years of experience in software solutions, software development and testing.